1. Anaheim Open Jump
Reserve your Jump Session by purchasing tickets online!
2. Anaheim GLOW Jump
Friday & Saturday Night GLOW (8:00 PM - 11:00 PM) All Jumpers MUST wear a Sky Zone GLOW T-Shirt and SkySocks.
3. Anaheim Overnight Lock-Ins
We’re staying up all night! Dodge, dunk, laugh and jump until the sun comes up. Calling all night owls! We’re bringing unlimited aerial freedom and all-night action after dark. Challenge friends. Conquer obstacles. Do it all. Everything but sleep, that is.
4. Anaheim Toddler Time
Toddler Time is a great shared experience for child and parent! A time for your little ones to discover the joy of being active, bouncing under the supervision of their parents, and without interference from the big kids.